It has been 12 years since the iconic launch of the iPhone in 2007 and also the birth of consumer-ready mobile applications. Since then, the mobile app market has been growing at double-digit rates. The transformation of accessing the Internet on a desktop to mobile size computing is at its peak. Mobile apps have mouth shut the skeptics of the market who coined apps as a bubble.

Mobile apps are a culture we have all grown accustomed to, given their presence as location-based apps, to their development on the spectrum of augmented and virtual reality. Read more about online casino no deposit bonus keep what you win Australia. In fact, as per Statista, by the year 2020, mobile apps are expected to generate $188.9 billion as global revenue.
With 5G network trials set to be underway across the world, the realm of app development will witness a change.

1. Instant Apps on the rise

Google gave birth to instant apps in 2016 – A type of native mobile application that is lighter, user-friendly, easy-to-use, and to the point, the best thing is you don’t have downloaded the app, so it saved memory and served the purpose or purchase perfectly. With consumers always looking to optimize battery use, 2019 will be the year of organizations providing a native mobile app experience on the go, without any commitments!

2. Accelerated AMP Mobile Pages

Google integrated AMP (Application Performance Management) in 2016, and it has been a massive hit amongst users as well as developers. The model of instant content delivery has been available in most leading platforms including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google as a light HTML version of the page with a smooth user experience. 2019 will be the year of longer experience on Instant Articles and the AMP version of pages.

3. Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI(Artificial Intelligence) and ML(Machine Learning) have been increasing their mark and usage application deeper in the technologies around us. From smart homes, personal assistant, Alexa’s of the world, the true potential of more intelligent tech making lives simpler have already been demonstrated. 2019 will be the year of bots and applications communicating further to makes our work and personal lives smarter and easier.

4. Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

AR/VR is here to stay. Computing without screens is the inevitable future, and immersive technologies have demonstrated their potential in various areas including Education & Training, Manufacturing, Advertising, and Automobile. 2019 will be the year with possible integrations of AR and VR leading to MR and standalone consumer-ready applications.

5. Blockchain

Though the 2018 year was spooky for the cryptocurrency, the technology behind it; Blockchain is here to stay and dominate in the coming years. Possibly being the game-changer tech of the next decade, blockchain is already set up its foundations in finance and banking, supply chain management, and possibly any other ledger that has driven business. 2019 will be the year of Blockchain having its own wider use cases than the only cryptocurrency which too holds excellent potential for universal defined money.

6. Cloud on surge

It took years to develop the infrastructure, but finally, the world is finally using the cloud to its maximum potential. Reduced hosting costs, better storage and accessibility, dynamic pricing, offshore server management and mobile apps coming up with SaaS models is going double up the cloud penetration.

7. Mobile Wallets

Payments, transactions, and commerce have seen the biggest boom in the mobile application world. It seems that the consumer looks forward to forgetting the paper money and uses digital money to its highest potential. Secure, safe, and always accessible payment gateways make room for more commerce over the internet. Secured encryption provided by leading payment gateways like Paypal, Amazon pay, Stripe, and GoogWallet will become a staple product in 2019.

8. Wearables and IoT

2018 was the year of watches, shoes, and even spinners having IoT capabilities integrated. App developers have always fantasized about integrate OS into hardware and interact with the world around them. Watches have been around for some time, and more companies have been providing mini-apps for smartwatches like Apple Watch and Android-driven watches. 2019 will be the year of IoT entering our homes, kitchens, drawing rooms and make our daily chores easier.

9. On-Demand Apps

Once coined as a bubble, on-demand applications are here to stay. Uber for X model will reach a broader audience with multiple use cases from travel, automobile, food, and payments. UI/UX enhancements, eCommerce, Analytics, and business bots will be on the rise due to this model.

10 . Virtual Assistants equipped with Voice

2018 was an introductory year of Alexa and Google Home’s of the world. Quick information equipped with voice commands and AI in the backend, will engage users with multiple applications. Shopping and search will rise due to ease of access to voice command. Many companies have already dwelled in this popularity and bringing their voice assistants with various verticals like healthcare, finance, automobile, and enterprise models.

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