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Mobile Apps Testing Tools and Techniques: How to Test Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid Apps

Everyone knows there are different ways to create mobile applications. If I am not wrong, Native apps, web apps, and hybrid mobile applications are different in many ways. Yeah I know I am not wrong okay. So it’s obvious, we need to follow a different approach and different tools for testing these applications. In this

Instagram Analytics: The Best Way to Analyze your Instagram Audience

Do you know over 400 million individuals seeing Instagram stories every day? Instagram Stories has become a great station for businesses to engage with their followers, stay high in demand, and also make sales. That's why we AppZoro Technologies - your technology partner in Atlanta are here to tell you the best ways how to

Modern mobile app development trends you should not miss

Modern mobile app development trends We are well into 2021, and it is high time to take stock of the trends that have come and gone. The market for mobile applications is getting bigger day by day. According to Gartner's research, there will be more than 260 billion mobile app downloads in 2016, compared to

IoT Applications – The Use of IoT for Education System

IoT Technologies in Education Today, the things around us are becoming smarter. Because the innovations in technology and various industries are becoming disrupted. In the current scenario, the importance and use of IoT applications are rapidly increasing. In this article, we will talk about the importance of IoT applications and their use for education. We

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