2019 List of All New Google Algorithm Updates

How Google Algorithm Updates will Affect Your Website Rankings? The Google algorithm defines how websites rank in the Google search engine. Understanding the Google algorithm update is mandatory for Digital marketers as well as website administrators. If you have recently noticed the change in your search ranking or the traffic it receives, this is most

7 Reasons why Adobe XD will Dominate Mobile UI Design

Adobe's answer to Sketch is Adobe Experience Design (XD). For many years sketch has been the pioneer tool for UI/UX designers, and has created a community that includes a set of plugins, forums, and integration with tools like Figma and InVision. The only issue Sketch has that it's exclusive to Mac users. Windows users still used to

Mobile App Design in 2019 UI Game Changers

Mobile App Design or User Interface (UI) has come a long way. From tacky button phones to the touch interface, mobile app design has always surprised with its fabulous potential to vow the users with the possibility of various gestures and ideas that can be implemented in one small palm-sized wired box. Nowadays, mobile designs

AppZoro Named Top Mobile App Development Company in Atlanta by Clutch

Top Atlanta Mobile App Development Company 2018 by Clutch A piece of great news for AppZoro technologies and the team. The catch is that we named the top app development firm 2018 in Atlanta by Clutch. And the best thing is that we got this recognization for four different categories. The first award is for

AppZoro Recognized as a Top Atlanta Tech Company

We're Happy to Recognized as a Top Atlanta UI UX Company On November 15, 2017, highly recognized B2B ratings and reviews platform Clutch named the best Atlanta User Experience Designers for 2017 and AppZoro made this coveted top 10 list. We were first recognized by Clutch back in August as a top mobile app company and we are excited

The Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development

Latest Mobile App Development Trends 2017 is an up-and-coming year for entrepreneurs and small business titleholders. Nowadays the business world is in the midst of a digital transmutation that is isolating the wheat from the chaff rapidly. The improvement of leading-edge business technology lets small businesses the scope to build enterprise-quality & low-cost products and

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

Mobile App Development Trends in 2017 With the crescent progress of the Smartphone users, the number of apps also increased. Presently, mobile apps have become an undivided part of everyday life. Since these apps make easy life and fulfill daily requirements, more and more people are getting drowned in them. That’s the reason why iTunes

New upcoming Android Version is Android Oreo

The New Android Version is Android O We are here in 2017 and Google has announced a new Android version namely Android Oreo. Let's increase your knowledge about upgrade the Android version here. Please pay attention to the given points to know more about Android Oreo:- The Release Date: Android Oreo developer preview was provided

Apple patents a way to transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook

Transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook Later this year you can forget your’s iPhone 8 because Apple’s cooking up in its secret Cupertino labs for the future.The company introduces thin laptop-like shell phone devices without a processor.You like the smartphone, Instead, you’d dock a "smartphone, media player, tablet computer, or another portable computing

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