A Brief Guide to Project Execution and Launching

In the last two articles, we have extensively talked about the project's introduction and planning part. Now comes the fun part of doing the actual work. During the execution phase, team management and getting involved in daily tasks is essential. Project roadmap should be well

Project Management Plan

7 Reasons why Adobe XD will Dominate Mobile UI Design in 2019 – Appzoro

Adobe's answer to Sketch is Adobe Experience Design (XD). For many years sketch has been the pioneer tool for UI/UX designers, and has created a community which includes a set of plugins, forums, and integration with tools like Figma and InVision. The

Mobile App Design in 2019 UI Game Changers

Mobile App Design or User Interface (UI) has come a long way. From tacky button phones to the touch interface, mobile app design has always surprised with its fabulous potential to vow the users with the possibility of various gestures

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