Kotlin vs Java Which One is Better for Android Applications
Kotlin vs Java: Which One is Better for Android Applications?

We are in 2021 and everyone out there is looking to move their businesses forward in the online market to grab more business opportunities. Android applications are the best way to engage with your customer online but still, most people are not aware of which programming language is better for android applications - Kotlin or

mobile app features to create a great application
9 Must-have mobile app features to create great applications

Today’s world seems to run on applications, isn’t it? I am saying this because nearly two million mobile apps are available in the app stores while I am writing this article. Mobile app development companies considering mobile apps for their business growth, have to face serious competition to stay ahead in the market. So, every

Mobile Apps Testing Tools and Techniques: How to Test Native vs. Web vs. Hybrid Apps

Everyone knows there are different ways to create mobile applications. If I am not wrong, Native apps, web apps, and hybrid mobile applications are different in many ways. Yeah I know I am not wrong okay. So it’s obvious, we need to follow a different approach and different tools for testing these applications. In this

Modern mobile app development trends you should not miss

Modern mobile app development trends We are well into 2021, and it is high time to take stock of the trends that have come and gone. The market for mobile applications is getting bigger day by day. According to Gartner's research, there will be more than 260 billion mobile app downloads in 2016, compared to

How Mobile Apps are Changing the Way of Doing Business

Mobile Apps are Changing the Way of Doing Business If one compares nowadays' way of doing business with the one in the time of your parents and grandparents, it can be said that a lot has changed. With the rapid increase of the use of technology, businesses have pretty much the ability to run their

Choosing The Best Mobile App Development Technology

Which is the best mobile app development technology? Are you confused about which is the best mobile app development technology? No worries this article will help you to choose the best for you. Basically, there are many different reasons to create an app: maybe you see a need for a business app, maybe you just

Most Notable Differences Between iOS and Android While Creating

Android vs  iOS – Difference in Mobile App Development Mobile apps have reached a point where they are seamlessly integrated into our daily routines. Younger generations grow up with apps and can’t imagine a time where people didn’t have smart devices full of apps. There is no boundary when it comes to app categories, as

The Deadly Myths of Mobile App Development

Myths of Mobile App Development Although mobile application development is no longer new, there are still many misconceptions about app development. Some beliefs are merely misguided; others are flat out wrong.When businesses and entrepreneurs waste time and money on an app that nobody uses, it's generally because they've bought into the deadly myths of app

Smartphone Technologies to Consider When Developing an App

Technologies for Developing a Mobile Application Apple has long been at the forefront of minimalistic, user-focused design. Back in the ‘80s, Steve Jobs created the Macintosh computer with a single button, bringing to life an aesthetic trend that continues to this day.To add the functionality once provided by additional buttons, Apple installed 3D Touch into

How to Reduce the Size of Your iPhone App

How to Reduce The iPhone App Size Let's talk about app storage space. There are many differences between iOS and Android devices. But one of the best perks Android users get over iPhone owners is the ability to boost the maximum capacity of their handset's storage through microSD cards. While Apple does not include any

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Kotlin vs Java Which One is Better for Android Applications
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