Apple add New Features in iOS 10

Apple adds New Features in iOS 10 The next-generation operating system from Apple Inc. iOS 10 has been accessible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod on June 13, 2016.Appzoro presents expected features on the iOS 10… Improved lock screen with 3D- touch-enabled notificationMore easily accessible cameraNew widgets screenSiri API for developersImproved Lock ScreenNew features for MessageImproved

Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming in the fall of 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming in the fall of 2017 Apple has a major iPhone redesign planned for 2017, with a glass body and edge-to-edge OLED display that includes an integrated Touch ID fingerprint sensor and front-facing camera. The new iPhone may be sold alongside upgraded (but standard) 4.7 and 5.5-inch iPhones.Expected Features (Presented by

New 15-Inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake Apple will introduce an Updated Mac book with Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake Processors at the end of this year.New 12-inch MacBook Pro Kaby Lake processors will enter mass production in the early second quarter, which starts in March, and noted a 16GB of RAM option could be added—presumably as a high-end

Know more about Snapchat IPO

Know more about Snapchat IPO On Wednesday parent company Snapchat Inc. sold its first shares to the public at $17 a share, or a market value of about $24 billion, including a magnificent outlay. It’s an unbelievable valuation for a company that has been bringing revenue for only about two years. Surely it’s almost futile

WhatsApp adds Status update like Snapchat

WhatsApp adds Status update like Snapchat Now WhatsApp available with status updates like Snap-chat. WhatsApp trying to add these features last year and now finally adding them to both Android and iOS apps. You can download it from Google play store and App store free of cost. It will be available on apple’s iOS, Android

What is New in iOS 11?

What is New in iOS 11? The new operating system for iPhone and iPad (and iPod Touch) is available at 6 pm on Tuesday. In addition to new functions and applications, it changes the way it interacts with Apple devices. More multitasking, a new control center, driving mode, and an SOS mode are some of

Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems

Apple iOS 11 Starts Causing Problems Apple iOS 11 is packed full of features (including many secret ones), but following reports of several bugs my Upgrade Guide advised iPhone users, in particular, should hold off updating. This now looks like a wise move because iOS 11 is causing problems… A new report from mobile security

The Upcoming 5G and It’s Affect on Tech Industry

What is 5G and how is it different from 4G (LTE)? Fifth-Generation wireless or 5G, is the next generation of mobile internet connectivity, promising faster download & upload speeds, more stable connections, and widespread network coverage. 5G will allow for data transmitted over wireless connections to travel up to 20GB per second. How is this

New upcoming Android Version is Android Oreo

The New Android Version is Android O We are here in 2017 and Google has announced a new Android version namely Android Oreo. Let's increase your knowledge about upgrade the Android version here. Please pay attention to the given points to know more about Android Oreo:- The Release Date: Android Oreo developer preview was provided

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