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IoT Applications – The Use of IoT for Education System

IoT Technologies in Education Today, the things around us are becoming smarter. Because the innovations in technology and various industries are becoming disrupted. In the current scenario, the importance and use of IoT applications are rapidly increasing. In this article, we will talk about the importance of IoT applications and their use for education. We

Business Intelligence: what it is and the benefits – AppZoro

In this digital world, where a person always looking for methods to drive greater intelligence, management, and understanding from their available data to boost business overall growth. Nowadays, the business intelligence (BI) approach is one of the best ways to deal with these things properly. But most of the organizations are not ready to incorporate into

E-Scooter with IoT Enabled App
How IoT is helpful to Success in E Scooter App Development

Nowadays, E-Transport is the new avatar of transport and no doubt IoT technologies are playing a vital role in this area also!!! Market size of electric scooters All these scooters are the innovative idea of start-ups such as Bird, Lime, Helbiz, Skip Scooters, Ride and Scooterson, etc. Being part of an on-demand market, you can

Few Tips for Tech Startup to Transform Your Business

Every technology startup differs but the ultimate goal is to become successful. We reached out to ten successful tech startups and picked their founders' brains about what things have to be learned while building their businesses.  The following tips explain what makes a successful technology partner company and the things you should keep in mind

Progressive App Development
Everything You Should Know about PWA Development

Hey, we are back today with a tech trend that is most popular now in the software development field.  So let’s start, here we go! Today we are going to tell you about PWA and PWA development. PWA is also known as a progressive web application. PWA is just like an application software delivered through

Apple add New Features in iOS 10

Apple adds New Features in iOS 10 The next-generation operating system from Apple Inc. iOS 10 has been accessible for iPhone, iPad, and iPod on June 13, 2016.Appzoro presents expected features on the iOS 10… Improved lock screen with 3D- touch-enabled notificationMore easily accessible cameraNew widgets screenSiri API for developersImproved Lock ScreenNew features for MessageImproved

13 Years Ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone

13 Years Ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone  iPhone celebrates its thirteenth anniversary of the day when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco. The iPhone is a touchscreen-based smartphone designed by Apple Inc. iPhone uses Apple's iOS mobile operating system. Do you know, The first-generation iPhone was announced by Apple

The Next-Generation operating system for the Apple Watch

WatchOS 3 - The Next-Generation OS for the Apple Watch At a Glance:  watchOS 3, which appeared in September 2016, brings a committed Breathe application, moment dispatch applications, a dock with most loved applications, another Control Center, and more. Features Breathe app New watch faces Control Center New 'Favorites' Dock Instant-open apps Activity sharing What's

The Best Android Apps of 2017

The Best Android Apps of 2017 is here to give you a list of the best Android apps for your business. Who better to suggest apps than full-scale mobile app developers? 1.) Best file manager apps for Android a) Solid Explorer This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager Please note that this is a 14-day trial

Future iPhone May Use Customized Wireless Charging System

Future iPhone May Use Customized Wireless Charging System Made in Partnership with Broadcom A future version of the iPhone could use a customized wireless charging system created in partnership with Broadcom, according to JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur (via CNBC).While Apple and Broadcom have reportedly been working together on a wireless charging solution for approximately two

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