Touch-screen Wireless Speaker

Touch-screen Wireless Speaker A Wi-Fi speaker is available with a built-in battery, Android OS, contact screen, Wi-Fi cell phone integrated with three audio systems. The speaker also scratch-resistant and water-resistant which means you can take it in all respects. Its built-in Bluetooth speaker is ready with Google Assistant as a voice-managed personal assistant. 

How To Develop A Complete Bug-Free App

Develop A Complete Bug-Free App Mobile apps are perceived in various lights depending on how sturdy they appear in front of the user. What that means is that an app that crashes constantly loses its value, regardless of the quality of the content inside. That is why developers take extra care to get rid of any

How Mobile Apps Will Transform E-commerce

Mobile Apps & E-commerce With the rise of smartphones, online customers have been buying more goods with their mobile devices instead of computers. Tech Crunch released numbers that reported a record $771 million in revenue from mobile customers over Thanksgiving. But while businesses scramble to make their businesses more mobile-friendly, they also have to figure

New 15-Inch MacBook Pro

MacBook Pro with Kaby Lake Apple will introduce an Updated Mac book with Intel’s next-generation Kaby Lake Processors at the end of this year.New 12-inch MacBook Pro Kaby Lake processors will enter mass production in the early second quarter, which starts in March, and noted a 16GB of RAM option could be added—presumably as a high-end

TechRise Provides A New Kind Of Lease On Life For Startups

A New Kind Of Lease On Life For Startups If you're in and around the Atlanta tech scene, you’ve probably heard the rumblings about the newTechRise Startup office hub that will soon occupy 3405 Piedmont in Buckhead. The newest project of founder-turned-investor Greg Benoit, TechRise will be located directly next to the Atlanta Tech Village

Careers, Culture, Community Why Millennials Choose ATL

Why Millennials Choose ATL? Home to a vibrant business ecosystem with multiple fast-growing industries, Atlanta is officially on the radar as a hotspot for new and expanding companies. Most recently, Honeywell announced plans for its 800-job software center and division headquarters in Midtown. GE is also establishing a Global Digital Operations Center, creating 250 new

The Best Android Apps of 2017

The Best Android Apps of 2017 is here to give you a list of the best Android apps for your business. Who better to suggest apps than full-scale mobile app developers? 1.) Best file manager apps for Android a) Solid Explorer This is Solid Explorer File and Cloud Manager Please note that this is a 14-day trial

46 Years Young The Evolution of Email

The Evolution of Email Forty-six years later, email is central to most marketing and sales roles and continues to cement itself in the digital age.Forty-six years ago email as we know it was born. A young computer programmer by the name of Ray Tomlinson was developing a way to send text messages between computers. Using

The changing interface of gambling apps, post Tinder

The changing interface of gambling apps, post Tinder Last month, London based gambling app developers Bookee launched a new gambling app. Taking inspiration from Tinder’s swipe interface to create a unique swipe-to-bet app.Designed to make betting personal and social for the casual bettor, offering users a true 21st-century gaming experience, with its unparalleled user experience that allows

Future iPhone May Use Customized Wireless Charging System

Future iPhone May Use Customized Wireless Charging System Made in Partnership with Broadcom A future version of the iPhone could use a customized wireless charging system created in partnership with Broadcom, according to JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur (via CNBC).While Apple and Broadcom have reportedly been working together on a wireless charging solution for approximately two

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