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AWS | Data Anaytics, Hosting and Development | Appzoro in Atlanta


Your business is producing an avalanche of data. AppZoro works with AWS to utilize multiple analytics tools and services to help pull useful insights and actionable information from this data. From data warehousing to machine learning and data workflow orchestration, these tools enable organizations to effectively utilize their raw data.

Amazon Athena – Use standard SQL to easily analyze Amazon S3 data.

Amazon EMR – Use a managed Hadoop framework to quickly process large data loads in a cost-effective manner.

Amazon Elasticsearch Service – Easily scale and utilize Elasticsearch throughout AWS.

Amazon Kinesis – An easy-to-use solution for dealing with streaming data on AWS.

Amazon QuickSight – Cloud-powered business analytics for a fraction of the cost of traditional business intelligence solutions.

Amazon Redshift – Fast, cost-effective data warehousing on a petabyte scale.

AWS Glue – A tool to prepare and load your data into your data storage solutions.

AWS Data Pipeline – Reliably manage data movement between AWS services and devices, in addition to on-site sources at intervals of your choosing.

These tools are just a few of the AWS services that AppZoro can integrate into your business. Contact our team of enterprise specialists today for an evaluation of your business needs.

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