We are living in the era of modern technology, where new apps come to market regularly. Some developers get adequate engagement with their app, but most of them quickly disappear. If you want to make money off of your app, it’s very important that you pay close attention to the overall level of interest in your app, otherwise known as “user engagement.” Most apps that don’t make it, fail due to a lack of engagement. Here are some tips and tricks that should help you increase your user engagement, and hopefully make some cash!

Try in-app messages:

To increase mobile engagement, use in-app messages. These messages appear as banners on-screen and help you communicate with users. Lightly-used apps see increases of 26%, while heavily-used apps can see an increase in engagement of up to 44%, all from utilizing in-app messages. In-app messages are an effective way to keep your customers engaged with your app.

Send push notifications to users:

Push notifications are notifications that appear outside of the app. Within 30 days, push notifications can help bring up to 65% of inactive users back into your app. It’s important to engage at least 20% of your users with some kind of push notification, on a regular basis.

Use email:

An email is a great option for grabbing the attention of your user, potentially even when they are without their phone. Use email in conjunction with push notifications and in-app messages, to fully engage your users from multiple angles. You can use these messaging tactics in creative ways to provide a unique experience for your users, without exhausting any single channel.

Try Deep Linking:

To get a better user experience, try deep linking. Deep links link to specific places on a webpage, as opposed to just linking to the top of a page. They can be useful for providing specific information or points of reference, in your communications with your audience. The power of using deep links lies in their specific, customizable nature. Linking to a specific point on a specific page can be very impactful, and you can even link to a specific place in your mobile app.

Use social networks to develop your mobile app engagement strategy

Social networking sites are very helpful for developing your mobile app engagement strategy. It provides huge numbers of potential users, with whom you can share your app details. It also gives users the freedom to share their experiences, which will help your app to attract customers. Social media is also a good place to hold contests, giveaways, and disburse rewards to your users.

Provide incentives for your users to take desirable actions:

Everybody loves a good incentive! Provide your customers with some type of incentive for engaging with your app, or once again becoming an active user. If you share this incentive on social media, via emails and push notifications, it will help you to increase app downloads and engagement, as users rush to earn their prize.

Use search ads:

For Android users, search ads are a powerful tool, as they help to instantly engage users. This is because search ads show users that your app is relevant to whatever they were searching for. This lets your customers reach your app easily, and increases the overall engagement with your app.

Advertise your app:

To get users engaged with your app, advertising can be the most important part. For mobile app engagement, mobile app ads are great for building your user base. Advertisement can also improve the product demand in the market. If you want to monetize from your app, then advertising your app via social media, email or direct message is the way to go.

Retarget your users:

This involves contacting your previously active users, to get them back into your app. This is commonly done via social media or email. Remember, deep links can also be used to direct users inside your app. Google is one of the best ways to retarget your users. Retargeting brings your users back into your app, and gives you another opportunity to engage them, and hopefully make more profit per user.

Use display ads for fuel engagement:

Display ads typically showcase the rewards, discounts, and other features of your app, which attract users to download it. If you are trying to increase mobile app engagement to earn money, it pays to use multiple ways to attract customers.

Mobile Personalization:

Mobile personalization offers a unique way to increase app engagement among both new and old users. Allowing users to customize your app will result in increased engagement from users who feel like they helped design their experience within your app. Even allowing users to choose the font within your app can result in significantly increased engagement.

Improving your mobile app retention metrics depends on your promotion and advertisement of the app, as well as the user interactions within your app. The tips mentioned above should help attract new users, and better engage your existing users. When you launch an app, make sure all of your awesome incentives, designs, and features actually connect with your users and keep them engaged. More engagement means more traffic, which usually means more income. Getting engagement on a mobile app is difficult, but these methods will definitely help you attract customers. To stay in the market and get noticed by customers, an app needs engagement. You will earn more cash from your app just by getting users more engaged with the app, even if you bring in zero new users.

As long as you have a high-quality app, and properly utilize incentives, messages, and the other tips mentioned above, you will have no problem driving user engagement in your app.

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