You will develop automated test infrastructure to support leading-edge development and deployment such as continuous integration, continuous build and behavior-driven acceptance testing. As the quality team member responsible for integration tests, you will develop in close partnership with software engineers and quality engineers, automated test frameworks and suites that can readily adapt to a fast-changing business environment. You will help developers adopt techniques to improve product quality early, and help quality engineers use knowledge of technology to improve the practice of verification and validation.


1. Analyst will operate as part of a cross functional Agile team. The day to day activities will be identified and prioritized by the product owner for that team.

2. The team will meet daily to decide the highest priority work items and complete working, tested and production quality software before moving on to additional work.

3. Analysts will be part of the team process of working with the product owner to estimate and break down the highest priority work item into smaller stories that can be completed within one iteration.

4. Team members are expected to leverage their primary skill area, but be open to learning and helping with other skill domains with the focus on getting the team’s work complete.

5. Collaborate with team to decompose features into small pieces of working software that can be completed in a single iteration.

6. Analyze acceptance criteria to create test cases for unite test, integration test, acceptance tests.

7. Lead group in exploratory group testing.

8. Work with external load, performance, and regression testing teams to provide required input to execute respective tests.

9. Provide oral and written status to project lead and management.


1. Experience in Manual and Automation Testing.

2. 1-2 years of QA and testing experience within an enterprise-wide environment.

3. Strong background in software design practice.

4. Clear communication – must be comfortable and willing to openly discuss work items within a cross functional team.

5. Cross functional skill development – QA expertise, but must be proactive in regards to learning the skills and methods used across the various roles of the team. Ability to contribute to the work when their primary skill is not necessary to advance the highest priority work items.

6. Knowledge of Quality Assurance and testing best and emerging practices.

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