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App Developers Atlanta. We offer agile web and mobile app development services for Atlanta companies. We passionately develop web apps and mobile apps crafted to meet your exact needs. We aim to create wonderful user experiences by taking care of each and every detail of your app. We’ll transform your ideas into amazing apps. Get in touch!

We are offering you a free, no-strings-attached consultation to discuss your idea and turn it into reality. We are experienced in delivering web and mobile solutions for a broad range of industry sectors. Are you wondering how much it will cost to develop your project? After our 20-hour free consultation, we’ll give you a quote and a project plan.


Our consultation services include:

  • Analyzing your requirements
  • Describing technical solution options
  • Defining your MVP
  • Providing a high-level architecture description
  • Creating a UX/UI design for your product
  • Advising you on monetization strategy
  • Providing you with an estimate of costs and timelines
  • Suggesting the next steps

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CopyThat connects the people who work in the film industry and provide a more efficient means of gaining employment by allowing users to set their own availability on a calendar that employers can view as well as customizing their profiles with information that is relevant to their specific job duties.


ATV app allows you to have our community at your fingertips. Guests can check out our 400+ events a year, apply for a job, sign up for a tour, get directions, and learn how to connect with our startup community. Our Members, with a special log in, are able to book conference rooms, post to our forum, submit a help desk ticket, and more – all on the go.


Joseline Hernandez presents her exclusive custom Emojis, Stickers and Gifs. Over 100 images hand-picked by the star of VH1’s #1 cable reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez. The app works in all messaging application, new image packs added periodically, start building your sticker and emoji collection today.

Why is UX important to us?

Think of the last mobile app you downloaded. Why did you choose it over other competing apps? Was it appealing? Was it easy to use? Did it feel personal or generic? What about the last update to your favorite app? Did you notice any improvements? Were there any setbacks? What about the last mobile app you developed or updated, did you keep all those things in mind?

Keeping users engaged is the key to a successful app, and user experience design (UX design) is a very important part of it. Early on in the mobile app game, you might have come across an app that was delightful to look at, but not very user-friendly. The reality is that those who center their design around user experience quickly get ahead of their competitors. And this is valid not just when launching an app but throughout its lifespan. A strong UX might not guarantee a place in the top of the charts, but a weak one will definitely cost you dearly. You may love the app you designed, but will the millions of people you are targeting love it as much? Good UX design will help you ensure that.



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