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10 Years Ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone

App Developers AppZoro and iPhone celebrate its tenth anniversary of the day when Steve Jobs introduced the original iPhone at Macworld in San Francisco. Jobs pick on the device just as it were three isolated products: a widescreen iPod wit

h touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and an improved internet communications device.

Apple make to trading the iPhone six months later, and nearly a decade later, the company has now sold well over 1 billion of them around the world. Its sales hiking on annual basis until 2016, when the smartphone experienced it’s first-ever downturn sales year for Apple. Albeit, the iPhone keeps Apple’s most fruitful product ever, accounting for 60% of the company’s overall earning last quarter.

Out of then, Apple has improved the iPhone every year by adding more new features:

  • 2008: App Store and 3G network support
    • 2009: Video recording and Personal Hotspot
    • 2010: Retina display
    • 2011: Siri and iCloud
  • 2012: Taller 4-inch screen, Lightning connector, and LTE
    •2013: Touch ID
    • 2014: Larger 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screens
    • 2015: 3D Touch, Live Photo and 4K video recording
    • 2016: Waterproofing and dual-lens camera on iPhone 7 Plus

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