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How Mobile Apps are Changing the Way of Doing Business

If one compares nowadays’ way of doing business with the one in the time of your parents and grandparents, it can be said that a lot has changed. With the rapid increase of the use of technology, businesses have pretty much the ability to run their business on their smartphones. Mobile devices have given easy access to the internet, thus making them an effective source of instantaneous information.

Nowadays, companies are focused on developing mobile applications to reach out a mass. However, mobile apps are not a totally new concept. In the last decade, there were apps which were mainly developed to run on smart Symbian phones or any java based phones. Such apps have now become a story of the past. This changed with the introduction of the operating system introduced by Google in 2009, Android, and the concept of use of mobile applications in business was entirely reshaped. This was only the beginning of what would become one of the most growing industries in the market.

As these devices gained popularity, companies started acting in developing mobile applications that would represent their presence in everyone’s palm of the hand. For instance, leading e-commerce companies who would sell their products via websites were focused on providing incentives, such as new offers and discounts, to customers to switch to their mobile application. Some of the e-commerce giants have even given a serious thought about shutting down their website and shift completely to the mobile.

From then and on, businesses and more businesses started to improve their way of doing business through mobile applications. Such as airlines allowing travelers to receive their boarding passes on their smartphones through their app, or even doing flights check in to avoid the long lines in the airport. Another great example is that every bank, or at least the majority of them, have a mobile application where users can check the status of their accounts, transfer money, deposit checks without having to go to a physical bank.

Additionally, mobile apps have changed the way that companies do marketing. Mobile users are said to be the next significant set of connected “customers”. From a company’s point of view, once the customer downloads an app, the app will always be logged in, which allows companies to collect user-specific data such as, recurring purchases, duration of browsing, the preferred platform to share information on and so on. Companies can build their own ‘data analytics capability’ with this data to serve its customers better while also supporting their own marketing functions.

Mobile applications are changing the way of doing business, by adding a dose of innovation to the workplace, organizations can thrive in this new and exciting technology. Mobile applications are not just a trend, but instead, a vital communication tool that reaches audiences near and far, all at a swipe of a finger.

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