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How long ago did you use a mobile application? Are you using one now? There is more than a 50% chance that you might have used a social media application in the last week. There is also a higher chance that you have used an app from Facebook or Google. The applications include Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or YouTube. 2019 is the era of social media applications, and user reports suggest that one of the leading applications which dominate the total time spent on smartphones is a social media application. We, as a generation, have been accustomed to social media apps.

There are 2.6 billion social media app users right now, and it is expected to reach beyond 2.95 billion by 2020.

A social media app has become an indispensable part of our lives, and the key reason behind this meticulous success is that the application’s features mimic the social structure, how people interact offline, reminds of friend’s birthdays, and you can basically pull up anyone’s digital history through a social media app.

For businesses, it is an excellent opportunity to directly reach users without an intermediary channel, engage with them, and increase brand awareness. There are multiple benefits of using as well as owning a social media application. Below we have compiled the list of benefits of a social media app for individuals and businesses:

1. Create a Brand

Social media has become an influencer platform, where you can see people becoming brands themselves. This also allows real brands to use these new influencers as a customer acquisition channel. It provides brands a larger audience which is already engaged with the influencer and can stimulate your company’s revenue. Creating a brand has never been this cheaper, and social media platforms provide a level playing field to all the users. There are organic methods as well as paid campaigns to increase your reach, but if you comply to the content and community guidelines while posting amazingly relevant content for your audience, you are destined to create a brand.

2. Product Demonstration

By investing resources in a social media app, it can help you to promote your products directly to the targeted consumer. You can spread word of mouth by discounts, offers, coupon codes, sales, and increase customer to perform a purchase directly through the mobile phone.

This is the era of Zero Moment of Truth(ZMOT), where users already do their part of research regarding a product, read the reviews, watch the supporting YouTube videos and are well informed of the product’s pros and cons. This provides a fantastic experience to the whole buying and selling procedure, and as a company, you can and increase the trust factor by providing valuable resources, content, articles, and blogs to the user directly. This will help to increase brand loyalty as well as a repeat purchase.

3. Insights about your consumer

Social media provides an ultimate source of analytics, user behavior, taste, and preferences, which is valuable information for brand managers. By information tracking, and analyzing conversations, your brand can create compelling strategies to upgrade their products and services. Social media is also a great tool to track your competitive strategies, new product launches, and make smarter business decisions.

4. E-commerce

Social media has also become an eCommerce platform which acts as a peer-to-peer selling engine. Instagram leads peer-to-peer sales in terms of revenue and is set to launch dedicated tools for buyers and sellers. You can also sell your products and services on Facebook’s dedicated shop and provide discounts on it. It also gives you Facebook messenger support, by which you can automate the frequently asked questions of your products and services.

Important Features to consider in Social media app development:

1. Easy login

More than 50% of businesses have seen a rise in social login, which includes Facebook, Twitter, and Google login/signup on their landing pages. No one likes to fill their personal email ID to get a confirmation email and then register on a platform, until and unless it’s business use. As the social media empowers users to connect and display the information to friends and family across the globe, the keys is to understand what all information to request from the user while signing up. If you are developing a social media application, ensure that it has easy and hassle-free login options.

2. Beautiful yet easy to use User Interface

No one cares about the number of features you are going to add, the majority of the users stay for the content once they are in love with the User Interface. With time, they will quench for fantastic content on your platform. There are more than ten clones of Instagram on the Play Store, which include Tik-Tok, Vigo, Helo, and Like, and all differ in the fantastic content they provide.The UI is more or less the same, but the colors are different. Make sure it requires less number of touches, has easy navigation, and doesn’t confuse the user at all. The color should be in harmony, be supportive of your mission, and complement the primary purpose of the application.

3. Customizable Profile

Users update the social profiles according to different circumstances like mood, interests, activities, and location. Your app should generally leverage and provide features like uploading a profile picture, giving a short bio description, sharing their interests, likes, and dislikes. Platforms offer a public mic to many introverts who don’t convey their feelings in public. This gives an excellent chance to product managers to create products which provide users authority, a sense of belonging, and seamless customization.

4. Feed

Most of the users have a habit of scrolling their news feed for updated content. This is a signature feature in applications like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and have managed to show real-time engaging content to the users.

This is also getting disrupted by the feature of “Stories” which provides 24 hours of mage of content posting, which vanishes after one day. Social media is a medium to express views and thoughts which can influence the society, and newsfeed is the home ground for all of the content.

5. Push notifications

Push notification is a fantastic feature to keep users notified on all recent activities and updates. Push notifications is a must-have feature in social media applications and can also help to provide trending, customized, and targeted promotional content to the users according to their browsing history. It would be best if you also kept in mind the security concerns of reading users data and information for any reason.

6. Navigation

Social media consists of various features, and it can be a rookie mistake to combine all of them in one page, which will only confuse the user. Applying intuitive and clean navigation for users to go from one feature to another is essential. The search functionality also holds the same rules. Top applications provide multiple search results with filtering options to engage users. Product managers can use dropdown styles, multi-select a radio button in search filter to help user faster their search and to prevent users from coming over some irrelevant data.

7. Private Communication

No matter how much the user will enjoy posting and get in communication with a public post through comments, to enjoy the social media journey to the fullest, users require private communication in the form of inbox or direct message option. User should be able to send and receive texts, images, videos, and posts from the social media application. This can also be a sticky feature which can retain your user to the application.

8. Security and privacy

2017-18 was the year when the world’s biggest social media, Facebook faced privacy concerns from USA senators. Since then, Privacy has become a buzzword in the industry but is a feature which all users deserve without any social or political bias. Make sure you use the highest standards of security and privacy features, make your user’s content private, encrypted, and secure at all times. When a user feels secure, the overall trust factor will increase, and they will enjoy your application as well as recommended to their friends. When a user suggests the app to his friend, there are chances of network effects to take place in a peer to peer group. This is the tipping point for any social media app and also a gateway to the growth.

9. Photo Editing

The world loves to look beautiful on social media applications, and have a 50% chance of editing their photos and videos before posting. In such scenarios, users flock to other applications which provide photo editing and then post the media on the social media app. Why not offer the same features of filters, cropping, adding stickers, adding text to your photos directly to your social media app. This will increase the overall stickiness of the application and stop users from flocking away to applications, which just provides one tiny step of the whole journey. This same goes for the video content which requires clipping, masking, adding audio to the video, and increase/decrease the brightness as well.

Today’s average user is using at least three different types of social networking websites. It all depends on different kinds of audience staggered around these social platforms. Instagram is one stop shop for millennials, while Facebook caters to audiences who are 20 years+ but reports suggest, old age people are using the platform. Twitter is used for PR and is also the one-stop messaging app for politicians, endorsements, and celebrities. At last, Linkedin, which is a professional social networking engine where you will find job seekers, employees, and employers.

Social media engines are continually evolving as the user’s needs and behavior change, but various opportunities are awaiting like conversational commerce through social media, payment gateways in social media, and many more. If you are looking for a feature-rich custom social networking application with your unique idea, we at AppZoro have the scale and expertise to execute your Idea successfully. Kindly write us at info@appzoro.com

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