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The Five Deadly Myths of Mobile App Development

Although mobile app development is no longer new, there are still many misconceptions about app development. Some beliefs are merely misguided; others are flat out wrong.

When businesses and entrepreneurs waste time and money on an app that nobody uses, it’s generally because they’ve bought into the five deadly myths of app development.

Myth 1. Users and Customers Are Synonymous

App developers talk about “users” more often than they talk about “customers.” A user is any person who interacts with a product. A customer, on the other hand, is the particular person that an app serves. There is a significant difference between these two individuals.

When app developers think about users, they’re thinking about the “user flow” and “user experience.” User flow and user experience are very important, but they don’t address an app’s primary business problem. What app developers should ask themselves before they even start designing a product is why people would want to download it.

Figuring out why people should download an app requires a thorough planning phase, during which app developers should concentrate on research and analysis of their target audience. They should determine goals, needs, and wants of the people they are building an app for. Only when armed with this information can app developers design a product that their customers truly desire.

Building products for customers—not for users—requires a shift in thinking. But, with a customer-centric approach, app developers can consciously design products, services, experiences, and systems that their customers will value and use. Customer-focused design helps developers refine their ideas and build truly successful products.

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