Vital Tips For Top App Developers To Design Powerful Mobile Application

The use of the smartphones are increasing among the people. With the incredible transformation in the digital world, we are now relying much more on mobile apps (Android, iOS, Windows) for various activity like healthcare, education, ticket booking, shopping and more.

However, app developers need to ensure that the quality of mobile applications should not sink due to the increasing demand. Developers must develop applications that are simpleeasy to understand and provide useful features to the users.

Application developers always look for the best ideas to develop a world-class application. There are many things such as planning, tactics and strategies, current market scenario, the risk factor that decide the success of mobile application in the market.

Hence, following are some crucial guidelines which developers should focus while developing the mobile application.

Focus On User Interface (UI) Elements Relative To The Platform

The user interface varies according to the platform. Hence, before developing an app, developers should consider how the platform work with different parameters of UI elements. Because there is a chance that UI elements used for Android platform might work differently with iOS or Windows.

Even if the app offers different UI experience across platforms, developers can use Appcelerator tool. With this tool, developers are able to reuse the same code base for different platform. But, developers also make sure that in some cases Appcelerator provides very little control over UI/UX elements.

Strong Market Research

A proper market research before developing a mobile app is always the best method. Surveying app market thoroughly give idea about the competitors and their strategies for app development. This information will help to know strengths and weakness of applications that are trending in the market.

Developers should also look for the user reviews. Feedback from end-users help to determine what features and functionality they(users) expect from the application.

Hence by conducting market research, developers can avoid repetitive mistakes that are done by their competitor.

Focus More On Efficiency Rather Than Extra Functionality

100% efficiency and accuracy is a simple mantra of a successful mobile application. Many developers think that more features means more success. While implementing the extra features, developers fail to provide efficiency and accuracy. For example, sometimes developers design poor UI even though the app has better functionality.

Hence, developers should always focus on perfection of the app. All the elements should get properly balanced while designing the app. For example, famous mobile app Tinder works only on “swipe” function.

Do Not Keep Users Waiting

Slow loading speed may cause losing the users for the application. It creates the negative impression in the user’s mind.

Sometimes, weak network signal also causes the app to load slowly. In this case, a user might think that app is malfunctioning. So developers should use loading indicators and animation to ensure the working of an app or display message such as “waiting for the data signal.”

Make Application Unique:

Why are people always look for the new restaurants or places? Because they want to experience something new and fresh. Human beings have a tendency that they get easily bored with the same thing.

The above case isn’t different for the mobile applications. Daily, thousands of new applications are introduced in the mobile market (App Store, Play Store). The mobile users always expect that particular app should offer unique user experience. So developers should add something interesting so that it will keep users engaged with the application.

Marketing Of App

Most of the developers fail to build effective app marketing strategies. Developers should keep a separate budget for the promotion and marketing of the applications.

Top app developers can use popular social media sites to promote their application. Because creating a buzz before launching the mobile app is very important. App developers can also create the promo video for an application. It is important to start app marketing 2-3 weeks before the launching.

Testing Of Application Before Deployment

Users like error-free and crash-free applications. Hence, it is mandatory to perform testing before launching the app in the market. Developers should perform security, performance, usability testing on the application for the better outcome.

App development company can also use different testing tools to perform beta testing on an application. Testing offers Quality Assurance(QA) and ensures high performance of the applications.

Right tactics and methods always help app developers to design highly functional mobile applications. Strategic thinking and best approaches allow implementing useful features that will fulfill the user requirements.

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