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Android and iOs app development company Atlanta


Created by film industry professionals for film industry professionals! CopyThat is a database where industry pros from all departments and crafts can network and communicate with each other faster and easier than ever before.

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Shouty connects users with a categorized platform that allows you to create, post to, and view live and virtually streamed events happening around the world within the fashion, music, sports and lifestyle industries.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta


ATV app allows you to have our community at your fingertips. Guests can check out our 400+ events a year, apply for a job, sign up for a tour, get directions, and learn how to connect with our startup community. Our Members, with a special log in, are able to book conference rooms, post to our forum, submit a help desk ticket, and more - all on the go.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta


Vimbel is a team multitasking platform, designed to improve multitasking, productivity, collaboration, task management, project management, and organization. It provides services for teams to message one-on-one or in groups based off topics, share files, manage tasks, organize projects or meetings, and host video conference meetings.

Teams are allowed to multitask and collaborate on one platform while using some of their favorite products and services from integrations.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta


Joseline Hernandez presents her exclusive custom Emojis, Stickers and Gifs. Over 100 images hand-picked by the star of VH1's #1 cable reality series Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Joseline Hernandez. The app works in all messaging application, new image packs added periodically, start building your sticker and emoji collection today.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta

Cigar Emo

CigarEmo is a emoji keypad application with amazing feature, designed for sending ,message with GIF. It will provide a real new look and feel on your keyboard. Check this personalized design for your emoji keypad right now. Go and Get it.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta

Cowork Oasis

CoWork Oasis is an innovation community that offers both the resources and inspiration necessary to put big ideas into action. It is community based shared office work place enabling and promoting a tech based enterpreneurial ecosystems in the EI paso Border Land region.

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta


the hotelier network is a platform that connects hoteliers all around the US. Hoteliers can communicate, collaborate, buy/sell hotels and items, seek advice, and much more. Check it out!

Android and iOs app development company Atlanta

Sitter Sanity

An IOS app that is easy to use, for calculating the final bill owed to a sitter and includes the means to deliver the payment through paypal. In Sitter-Sanity we can set the rate and tips amount and pay it through paypal.

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