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Atlanta Tech Village

ATV app allows you to have our community at your fingertips. Guests can check out our 400+ events a year, apply for a job, sign up for a tour, get directions, and learn how to connect with our startup community.

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    Tech Professional

  • Services

    Apply for a job, sign up for a tour, get directions etc.

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Case Study

Our Members, with a special log in, are able to book conference rooms, post to our forum, submit a help desk ticket, and more.

By AppZoro

01 Defining the Problems

We need to identify the functionality of their website and integrate the same with some advanced options to make the app, even more, user-friendly than the website.

02 Plan & Solutions

We built an iOS app version of an existing WordPress website. We added features like enabling a community to share a mobile calendar, participate in forums, and promote their group for the app.

03 Key Chellanges

We were very thorough in terms of testing and finding kinks before we launched the application for users.

04 Technology Stack

Type: Native Mobile application for iOS users.

  • Xcode IDE
Design Tools
  • UIKit
Backend Language
  • Swift
Database Language
  • SQLite

05 Delivery & Launch

We launch Atlanta Tech Village project before the timelines/deadlines we decided for development, testing & all other phases.

Client Review

“ They do great work with integrity.”

Karen Houghton - Director, Atlanta Tech Village

We Follow Step by Step Process

  • App Development Atlanta

    Problem Breakdown, Content Strategy

  • UI/UX Design

    Use Design Concepts, Cases and Wireframes

    App Development Atlanta
  • App Development Atlanta

    Coding, Processing, Implementation

  • Testing

    Quality Checks, Approvals

    App Development Atlanta
  • App Development Atlanta

    Testing Approvals, Launch, Support

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