Apple patents a way to transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook




Transform your iPhone or iPad into a MacBook

Later this year you can forget your’s iPhone 8 because Apple’s cooking up in its secret Cupertino labs for the future.

The company introduces thin laptop-like shell phone devices without a processor.

You like the smartphone, Instead, you’d dock a “smartphone, media player, tablet computer, or another portable computing device” into the accessory device to power it.

The introducer device can provide auxiliary processing resources, such as a graphical processing unit, or GPU, or other processing resources that can support the functions of the portable computing device.

The device comes with two different illustrations for how this would work for phones and tablets. For phones, there’d be a slot on the accessory device instead of a trackpad. Tablets, however, would dock right into space where a laptop’s screen would normally be.

Although the device is light on specific use case applications, it is not difficult to imagine how practical such a device would be for some users.

We would like to use wi-fi and Bluetooth to perform “hands-offs” between iOS and macOS devices. You’d simply be able to pop your phone or tablet into the MacBook shell and access all of its data with the benefit of a larger screen, keyboard, and trackpad inputs

With Smart mobile phones right now the most-used and also almost all personal computers. It is really a no-brainer for Apple company to create a way to let users better access the device that has all their personal data. Sure, you could always use cloud services, but it’s not always so easy.

Many companies are trying to introduce new devices such as that your phone into a large device to add computing power, and all of them have failed. Motorola tried this idea mutually the Atrix 4G and laptop comes to the berth in 2011 and Asus started to gain people to dock their phones directed toward a tablet, too.

That said, like all patents, the ideas that are described may never make it into commercial products. They’re just that: ideas. So don’t get too excited just yet.
Let’s see what happens next!!

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