AppZoro Technologies is a Top Atlanta Company!




AppZoro Technologies is a Top Atlanta Company!

Appzoro Technologies has been recognized again as an industry leader for mobile app development in Clutch’s; “Most Highly Recommended B2B Service Providers in Atlanta“.

We have also been featured as a top UX Agency in Atlanta to boot.

Clutch is a Washington, D.C.-based ratings and reviews research firm.

Clutch contacts our past clients to obtain accurate reviews of our level of performance.

They primarily conduct these reviews through interview-style phone calls, getting into the nitty-gritty of actual projects.

Clutch selects its industry leaders through the compilation of both client reviews and their independent research and reviews.

We are pleased to not only be featured as a top app developer on Clutch’s leaders’ matrix but to also have been featured on Clutch’s sister website, as one of the top 15 App Developers in Atlanta!

Our client feedback through Clutch has been fantastic contributing to our selection for these honors.

We have received a very impressive overall rating of 4.7 stars and our clients have commented on our ability to communicate effectively as well as our adaptability in servicing their needs.

Here are a few samples of feedback from clients from our reviews:

“Their team was easy to work with and able to deliver the product faster than any other developer we could find. Throughout the process, I felt as if they were on my time schedule and that my project was a top priority for their team.”


“The communication has been good. I have Agile software development and project management background. Keeping tight lines of communication is always important, as well as rapidly updating and deploying software. AppZoro was good at keeping me updated and rolling out new builds as needed.”


“In addition to superb communication, they built a very smooth app with intuitive navigation and a clean interface. They submitted the final product at a fair price point after only 3-4 changes to their initial delivery, which was excellent.”


We are very happy with our rankings and humbled by our client’s success.

This news leaves us more committed than ever to effective production and working with our current and new clients to provide the highest level of service on the market!

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