Best Mobile App Startup Presentations in Atlanta




Best Mobile App Startup Presentations in Atlanta

If you have been to an event like Atlanta Startup Village or The Consumer Show, you probably spotted somebody from AppZoro Technologies there. As many of you know, we love going to pitch events to learn more about the startup ecosystem and see what technologies are coming up in Atlanta. Having the opportunity to go around these events, we got to see awesome companies presenting, mainly some very interesting mobile app startups. Cause as you know, we love everything mobile! So, we gathered a list of some of the best presentations (not necessarily in order) we had the opportunity to watch.

1. Qoins

Qoins helps pay off your debt early with the spare change from your bank transactions. The app rounds up your purchases to the next dollar and automatically pays off your debt. Then, each month, Qoins calculates your spare change from the previous month and makes an additional payment to your student loans or credit cards. Imagine paying off student loans, mortgages, or credit cards, using only your spare change!

New year, new resolutions! For sure, getting rid of your debts is one of them! Download Qoins!

2. Bloveit
Bloveit is a date idea discovery app – it’s like Yelp for date ideas. The app solves a common pain point that millions of single and couple’s daters have almost every weekend – where to go / what to do on their dates. And how to find it in a fast and easy way. Bloveit curates the best date venues and ideas in your city, allows you to select the type of date you’re going on, and then uses a proprietary recommendations algorithm to make personalized date idea suggestions.

Your date night will never be the same! Check Bloveit!

3. LawnTap

LawnTap is an on-demand lawn care startup, that developed a sensor to enable your lawn to take care of itself (yes, really). LawnTap’s smart, solar-powered sensor, called Gaia, helps you monitor and set preferences for your lawn’s grass height through its accompanying app. As soon as the lawn hits your height preference, the sensor will send a request to vetted lawn care providers up to 30 miles from your home. The providers can accept requests on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Take care of your lawns just in a few taps! Learn more about lawntap!

4. Usit

Usit provides an efficient and reliable way to find babysitters by serving as a platform that connects parents to a large network of pre-vetted college student sitters. The app allows parents to discover great college babysitters in your area in a Quick, Convenient, and Reliable way!

Parents, meet Usit, and go enjoy that night out!

Incubate allows users to schedule and send text, image, video, or voice messages 60 seconds to 25 years into the future. Get the digital time-capsule that lets you send video, pictures, text, and voice messages to friends and family to an exact moment in the future! All you have to do is create content, choose a friend or friends to send it to, select a date, and send. Messages are locked until it “hatches” for the recipient.

Record that message for your special somebody with Incubate! It will be an awesome surprise!

6. Vlipsy

Vlipsy offers users short, conversational video clips to share in their online communication—similar to the way sites like GIPHY provide looping images known as GIFs. However, Vlipsy’s clips also feature sound, unlike GIFs, which are silent.

Vlipsy allows users to find, create and share sound-enabled clips from their favorite internet videos. For more information visit

7. Shotzy

Have you thought about hiring a professional photographer in a few taps? Easily find and hire a great photographer near you with the push of a button. Shotzy takes all the pain and guess work out of hiring a great photographer. Just tell Shotzy when, where, and for how long. With just those few taps Shotzy returns a curated list of passionate photographers nearby and available for your shoot. Get the most out of your important events and moments rather than watching them through your view finder or smartphone screen. Capture the moments you never thought you could. Better memories are just a few taps away. Be there…with Shotzy!

8. VinWiki

Every vehicle has a story. Do you know the details of yours? VINwiki lets you see the full picture behind a car’s unique history. Did a bear tear off the bumper? Has your BMW M5 been used to pull a boat? What really happened where it says “Accident Reported”. Only VINwiki allows you to see vital information about the life of a vehicle. Check VinWiki to learn more about it!

9. Locate Your Care

LocateYourCare is a real-time platform that directly connects patients and providers with immense convenience and price transparencyLocateYourCare (LYC) is your go-to place for all your healthcare needs. They provide on-demand primary care, urgent care, dental, chiropractic and other services in various cities in the US. In just a few clicks, LocateYourCare will capture your preference and match you with top healthcare providers at the time, date, and location that works best for you within a few minutes’ driving radii. You even see the price for a visit or procedure upfront and there are no hidden fees. Talk about convenient healthcare! Check them out!

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