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Why Millennials Choose ATL?

Home to a vibrant business ecosystem with multiple fast-growing industries, Atlanta is officially on the radar as a hotspot for new and expanding companies.

Most recently, Honeywell announced plans for its 800-job software center and division headquarters in Midtown. GE is also establishing a Global Digital Operations Center, creating 250 new jobs; and Keysight Technologies, a company with links to Hewlett-Packard, is bringing its software development center and more than 200 new jobs to the region. These announcements, along with many others, certainly support WalletHub’s ranking of Atlanta as the No. 3 cities for the most job opportunities heading into 2017.

However, as competition for talent grows among new and emerging cities, the ability to fill these jobs and sustain our competitive advantage will increasingly rely on the efforts of our region to intentionally attract the next generation of talent: Millennials. In fact, by 2025, 75% of the workforce will be Millennial.

So, why should Millennials #chooseATL?
Millennials are the most educated, mobile, and in-demand generation in the workforce, and they want it all. They’re seeking challenging careers, but more importantly, they want to be entrenched in the culture and positive growth of a city. Good news – Atlanta has it all – careers, culture, and community.

In a 2015 report, Money.com named Atlanta the No. 2 best city for Millennials, and not just because we have available jobs. Money.com says, “The ATL has fun activities for people of all ages, including a popular zoo, an aquarium, and a collection of several impressive art and history museums.

There’s also a great bar and nightlife scene that millennials – who comprise about 26.2% of the total population – might love. The [low] cost of living means neither groceries nor cocktails need to be too expensive.”

Combine this with our legacy as an inclusive and diverse region, our city’s philanthropic spirit, and our Southern hospitality – and Millennials quickly realize that Atlanta is a place where neighbors and colleagues genuinely support one another.

Don’t believe me? Just ask the finalists of ChooseATL’s Ultimate Job Interview Contest. Over 135 students and young professionals from across the country entered the contest and shared how they each plan to make their mark in Atlanta. Here’s what the three contest finalists say:

Atlanta is a city for anyone and everyone. The progressiveness and inclusiveness that Atlanta boasts alone is a reason to call Atlanta home.” – Gayla Robbins, Spelman College Alumna (left)

“Atlanta is a place where I can truly make a lasting impact. By choosing Atlanta, I get to live a city life with every professional opportunity right in front of me.” – Nicole Smith, a graduate student at the University of South Carolina (center)

“I am a product of metro Atlanta and I love this city with all my heart. I have seen this city grow, I know where this city is headed, and I know I can help it get there effectively.” – AJ Wilson, an undergraduate student at Wesleyan University (right)

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