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September 12 – A big day for Apple

Since 2012, Apple has maintained the tradition of unveiling its new smartphones at an event in the month of September. It is also traditional for the company to hold its ceremonies on Tuesdays, as is quite normal, in the same way, among other technology companies. This year is not different from the others, the official release date is on Tuesday, September 12 at 10 am. As usual, the iPhone 8 should have its pre-sale started the Friday after the event, on September 15, and the store launch on the 22nd, a week later.

What’s new for Apple fans

For those who do not want to buy an iPhone 8 right away, but are the proud owner of a device from previous generations, the event is also important as it will also mark the launch of iOS 11. The final version of Apple’s operating system should be released for updates at some point very close to the dates mentioned above.

We might also see some other products on September 12. It is expected the launch not only on the iPhone 8 but also on the 7s and 7s Plus, just as it happened with the generation of the iPhone 6. I guess we have to wait until the big day to figure out what are the other surprises from Apple.

Stay tuned!

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