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The changing interface of gambling apps, post Tinder




The changing interface of gambling apps, post Tinder

Last month, London based gambling app developers Bookee launched a new gambling app. Taking inspiration from Tinder’s swipe interface to create a unique swipe-to-bet app.

Designed to make betting personal and social for the casual bettor, offering users a true 21st-century gaming experience, with its unparalleled user experience that allows users to place bets with a simple swipe of a finger.

Users are presented with a range of betting categories to choose from. Options include bets on a specific sport – from football and tennis to darts and boxing – as well as bets tailored for specific leagues and matches. Other categories include “Strike it lucky” which features only long-odds bets, “Game of two halves” for those looking for half-time / full-time results, and an “Access” tab for multiple bets in one.

Booker is the latest in the line of new gambling apps coming into the market place which looks to create design-friendly and fun interfaces. With more competition than ever before and the challenge of engaging with a whole new generation of consumers with entirely new preferences have truly placed the industry at a critical crossroads. There are significant trends that will have a real impact this year and beyond.


User experience is one of the most important ways to distinguish yourself from competitors. The runaway success of the minimalistic game Dots has shown how the trend of simplification works well. This might feel like a risk at first, but this trend towards simplification has met with success in other app genres. Players engaged and playing more quickly and you’ll have the luxury of being more focused and therefore having more effective re-engagement tools.


Studies show that consumers presented with too many options to find decisions harder to make. Personalization allows you to remove the clutter and focus on what each individual player wants, essentially customizing each player’s experience and forging a deeper connection. Players will engage more with an app that addresses their specific needs and abilities.

Universal app experience:

Consumers expect to be able to engage with content when and where they want. They have come to expect a consistent experience at the same level of quality wherever they interact with the app. The operators who come out ahead this year will do so by creating a single basic app experience – along with a unified account and wallet – regardless of whether players are interacting with you via the web, phone, or tablet. You can think of mobile as the always-on access point to your universal app. It’s going to boost all other channels.

As the industry grows, expanding into new markets and features. Keeping things simple seems to be the key message for increasing user awareness and attracting more players. Here at Pocket App, we are firm believers that 2017 is a great time to be part of the gaming industry, it’s a time of huge change. The major innovation is happening around all aspects of gambling apps, but there are significant trends that will have a real impact this year.

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