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The Top 5 Trends in Mobile App Development

2017 is an up-and-coming year for entrepreneurs and small business titleholders. Nowadays the business world is in the midst of a digital transmutation that is isolating the wheat from the chaff rapidly. The improvement of leading-edge business technology lets small businesses the scope to build enterprise-quality & low-cost products and services. E commerce, Internet marketing, and social media entrust your business effectively to reach out the prospects of customers in untapped markets beyond the world. In current tradition, mobile apps are revolutionary transforming tech world, as every people are getting beset with Mobile phones. For improving your business no matter which sector you belong to, you must need a website and a significant mobile app. staying skilled on the current trends in small business is most important to keeping up concern in the ever-evolving world of business.

  1. Mobile Payment Integration through App

Making payments through mobile has been quickly evolved over the past few years, with many brands and promising startups pacing into the industry to enhance technology and deliver that businesses and consumers want to let them paying through phones. No doubt those over the year in web-based and mobile transactions are increased significantly. The uprising of integrated payment technology at the POS boosts businesses to offer an abstracted perception to make payment process faster and easier.

  1. Wearable, IoT Apps Will be Boom

The market for wearable tech keeps up to go off and hit upon new niches. Wearable are outlining the world of technology, especially many exciting features are introduced in Smartphone. Mobile apps are marking up the UI in more creative way. Tech-Giants like Google, Apple are defining a benchmark in wearable technology. And with the rising vogue of IoT solutions, IoT is notably revolutionizing business movements and taking it to the next level. In the modern era, mobile apps are going to be a key part of the IoT’s success. Newly planted sensors included in Smartphone for a different purpose and thus mobile apps will build the most of this technology to make it adaptable for consumers.

  1. Interactive Push Notification

Brands are now easily reached out their customers with push notifications, i.e. short and simple messages even without opening the application. Push notifications are accepting users take actions like coming back to a message, without opening the app which saves time and battery, thus boosting the app functionality.

  1. Security is more important than ever before

Surprisingly, a broad amount of users still does not take the security issue seriously. But it entirely does not mean that the developer should do the same. With increasing development of mobile purchasing and a rapidly expanded amount of other users’ data, security is the number one priority. Smartphone have plenty of options for making out user like face recognition, voice recognition, fingerprints. The whole app security architecture should be carefully checked and improved.

  1. Cross-platform apps

Cross-platform apps reach more attention and become another trend that aspects the nearest future. Customers want to get their app in the short term with reasonable price, and frameworks like Angular JS or Cordova which are perfect for that. Another thought for this trend is an increasing number of devices per person. All features should look nice, run smoothly, and show excellent performance while connecting to each other.

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