What is New in iOS 11?




What is New in iOS 11?

The new operating system for iPhone and iPad (and iPod Touch) is available at 6 pm on Tuesday. In addition to new functions and applications, it changes the way it interacts with Apple devices. More multitasking, a new control center, driving mode, and an SOS mode are some of the new features of iOS 11, Apple’s new mobile operating system.

How to install?

Go to your iPhone or iPad settings, then General> Software Update> Download and install. The iOS 11 is only available for models from the iPhone 5s (inclusive), iPad Mini 2.3 and 4, iPad Air, Air 2, Pro, and 5th generation (2017) as well as iPod Touch 6th generation.

Is it really worth it?

Usually, yes. Each update enhances the security and performance of the software and equipment. However, if your iPhone or iPad model is at the limit of the update line, it will not be a bad idea to wait a few days before upgrading. If the performance of the older models becomes severely compromised or if there are serious failures, they will be exposed quickly.

Another detail worth retaining: on iOS 11, some older applications may stop working (the new operating system will no longer support applications with 32-bit architecture). This mismatch can be checked in Settings> General> About> Applications.

And what’s new?

The iOS 11 brings some background news, especially for iPad users, where some changes are more significant. From an App Store redesigned to a “new” Siri, we’ve compiled the top news.

1. App Files

One application for all documents is organized in one place. With a section for the latest documents, it’s easier to explore what’s on your iCloud Drive. This new app – which in practice is a file folder – also lets you add documents stored in services such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

2.Drag and Drop

On the iPad, you can open two applications simultaneously (one next to the other) and drag files from one to the other. For example, photos and email: To compose a message with an image, simply drag it with your finger to the body of the email.

3. Control Center redesigned

The new “control center” has a new design and, more importantly, it has become customizable, meaning that it is now possible to add or remove icons. In addition, it is more compact, adding more quick accesses. For example, it is no longer necessary to switch “page” to control the sound, as with iOS 10.

4. Driving Mode

This new feature detects when you are driving and warns those who try to contact you by sending a written message automatically. Using GPS to make sense when moving at a fast speed, iOS 11 wants to improve road safety. If it is the passenger can be a nuisance, because the functionality is automatic, but can be disabled.

5. Redesigned App Store

It’s not just the way the iOS application store changes. With a section for daily recommendations and more information about the applications you can download, this “new experience” changes the way you look or discover applications or games.

6. SOS Mode

It is a feature that we will never want to use: pressing the lock button five times in a row will bring up an option to call 112, automatically deactivating the Touch ID.

7. New emojis

The new message drawer in the message has redesigned “smiles”. When iPhone X arrives (in November), iOS 11 will allow you to do “animojis”, that is, animated emojis that mimic the user’s facial expressions.

8. Screenshots and video

Not only taking pictures of what you see on the screen is easier (you can name the image), but you can record videos of what’s happening on the screen.

9. “Key” with one hand

IOS 11 will make writing easier with one hand. When you continuously press the globe or emoji key, the keyboard will move to the side of the thumb you use, making access to the keyboard easier.

10. Automatic setup on new devices

Thanks to NFC functionality, when you bring an iPhone or iPad closer to a new one, some personal settings and the Apple ID are exported to the new device without the need to enter data or passwords.

11. Scanner for Notes

The Notes app detects physical documents with the camera and saves them to your device. All you have to do is scan the document, which can then be sent by email.

12. Siri translates with the new voice

In addition to a more “real” way of saying the words, Apple’s personal assistant acquired different tones when speaking and including translation (between English, Chinese, Spanish, French, German, and Italian).

13. New Keyboard Options for iPad

You will no longer have to switch the keyboard to add special characters. In iOS 11 everything is on the same keyboard, just slide your finger on the button with the punctuation or symbol until it appears.

When you slide your finger, you can access symbols and numbers without having to change the keyboard. In the image, you see the S key to be used to insert a cardinal

14. New iPad Dock for iPad

Like the MacOS, the new “work dock” is a bar that allows you to easily access your most-used apps or the most recently opened apps on other Apple devices. In addition, you can take or add shortcuts to the applications, just like the computer’s operating system.

15. What is the Wi-Fi password?

It is a question that may disappear. Those passwords with 20 characters, with numbers, punctuation symbols, and collocation of lowercase letters become easier to insert with the new sharing functionality. Just pick up the Apple device close to someone who needs to access the network and the incoming code on the Wi-Fi network is automatically transferred.

16. Augmented Reality

From redecorating the house by pointing the iPhone to your room or even seeing how it got with a tattoo, Augmented Reality (AR) is one of iOS’s new bets that wants to be the largest AR platform in the world. New applications are expected to take this technology to new heights (rabbit ears on Instagram were just the beginning). ARkit allows developers to create apps that add digital data to the real world the iPhone sees when using one of the cameras.

17. More “light”

Photos taken with iPhone and iPad will take up less storage. According to Apple, thanks to the new compression technology, they take up less space than the previous version of iOS.

In addition to the new features, the iOS 11 brings, according to Apple, more security and better performance. Find on this page other highlights.

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