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Is WhatsApp Now Open for Business?

Yes, you heard right. WhatsApp Business, the WhatsApp for companies, has been officially unveiled to connect companies to consumers through the popular instant messaging application.

While WhatsApp can boast more than a billion users who use the app on a daily basis to communicate with family and friends, these exorbitant usage figures are not enough to make the platform profitable for Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s social network continues to seek out a business model to exploit the huge number of daily active users, and it seems that WhatsApp Business will become the source of revenue for the app to earn profitability.

Whatsapp for Business Announcement

The platform has been looking for ways to deploy WhatsApp for business. At the beginning of the year, they started the first tests of verified accounts for companies, and by mid-summer, they released the details of the service in depth. Now the company has made official WhatsApp Business, and in a blog post explains the details of the service.

According to WhatsApp, every day many users use the app for commercial purposes. On the one hand, consumers use it to order, to find out about new products available in an establishment, etc., while employers use it to send promotional or advertising messages in a massive way to the customers they have in their database.

WhatsApp Business was born to optimize the platform for this type of commercial communications, offering the necessary functions and guarantees. For this, companies will have a verified profile that proves their authenticity and avoids identity theft. Small businesses will have new tools for free through WhatsApp Business, while large corporations such as airlines, banks, or eCommerce companies will have new functionalities available to send mass notifications with flight schedules, delivery confirmations orders, and other updates. For consumers, the platform will remain completely free.

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