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Which is Better for My First App Android or iOS?




Android or iOS – Which is Better for First Mobile App?

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone in hand, and it is becoming imperative for business owners to develop a Mobile App that collaborates with your company and adds value to your business.

An important step in joining this trend is to identify the right platform to build your first app. Your options are likely to be Android or iOS, as these two OS’s together dominate more than 90% share of the smartphone market.

iOS vs Android development

  • Market Share

Android dominates the market with an extensive reach of more than 82%, followed by iOS at around 15%. Another key factor in this decision making will be the geography you plan to focus on. Android has a higher market share in developing countries like Asia, Africa, whereas iOS dominates the market in developed nations like the US, Europe, etc.

  • Demographics

Android has more users among the lower-income, less educated, and a higher average age set of people. But due to the availability of a plethora of free apps and tools, the engagement levels here are slightly lower.
iPhone has a strong following with the younger, more loyal, and educated users, with significantly higher income levels which translate to higher levels of engagement.

  • Content Category reach

iPhone users are termed as “power users”, as they tend to use more categories of content when compared to Android users. 15% more iPhone users use online shopping apps whereas Android users seem to engage more in social apps.

  • Mobile Commerce Engagement

iPhone users exhibit a higher browsing-to-buying conversion rate than Android users.
iPhone users are 23% more likely to make a purchase via their smartphones when compared to only 17% of Android users. This factor is important for retail app business owners and for those with app monetization considerations.

  • Revenue generation

iPhone users tend to spend more on app purchases, thus making selling apps more profitable on iOS. Android developers make money by ad based revenue generation.
As per App Annie, revenue generation per user is 60% higher on the iTunes store of Apple compare to Google Play of Android.

  • Costs of mobile App development and maintenance

On average, Android takes 40% more lines of code and is 30% more expensive to develop when compared to iOS.
Maintenance and bug fixing is easier and simpler in iOS, as Android has the complexity of multiple devices and OS fragmentation.

  • Android App Features vs iOS App Features

Android has a more open-source OS than iOS. This offers deeper access to their operating system, facilitating higher levels of customization by the Android developers. This is not possible in the case of iOS app development.

  • Launching on the App Store

It is easier and faster to publish your App in the Play store compared to iTunes, as the latter has strict guidelines, higher quality standards, and a longer review process.

Choosing the correct platform

  • When to Build an Android App First

Building your app on Android first is the ideal choice if you

  1. Plan to focus on a specific demographic segment
  2. Need a wider reach in developing nations
  3. Want to generate revenue by displaying ads
  4. Are focusing on or customizing a specific feature of Android OS that is not available in iOS
  5. Need a quick launch in the market

  • When to Build an iOS App First

You can choose to build your app in iOS first if you

  1. Are targeting elite customers from developed nations like the US
  2. Want to develop apps cheaper and faster
  3. Are a company in an early stage of a start-up?
  4. Want market influencers to embrace your app
  5. Want to sell apps

Identifying the right partner for App development

Whatever is the platform, it is important to identify the right tech partner, who can understand your business requirements and convert it into the best App solution.

With a talented team of full-stack developers and designers, AppZoro Technologies, Inc. offers a range of expertise in the Mobile and Web App development arena and provides App solutions that add value to your business.

Get in touch with us today to share your ideas and discuss how we can help you to innovate and launch your first mobile app. You can also get your free initial consultation from our technology experts.

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