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Why Small Businesses are Developing Mobile Apps? A Guide by AppZoro




Mobile apps are an emerging technology that is increasingly becoming popular, both for personal and commercial use. Whether it is a small, medium, or large business, apps play an integral part in business organizations across multiple industries. However, entrepreneurs with small businesses are seeing the most benefit from developing mobile apps. Even though most companies have a website, it is often very beneficial to also develop a mobile app.

Mobile App Development for Small Businesses is on the Rise

In the past, it has been very costly for a small business to create custom mobile apps by seeking out an app developer. However, technological advances have brought along a drastic change in the world of software development. Today, there are tools that enable even non-programmers to reduce the costs of designing and developing an app. With easily accessible development kits, small businesses can now create their own apps based on industry-specific templates.

However, these templates are often coded poorly and have limited functionality. Also, these white-label apps usually won’t integrate well into an existing system, requiring you to pay a subscription fee to change your entire software suite. This option has traditionally been good for companies that can’t yet afford custom development. However, with the growth of mobile technology, custom app development often costs less overall, than these template-based subscriptions!

As social media usage continues to evolve along with mobile technology, consumers are now engaging with brands on a daily basis, even while on the commute. Mobile apps are essential in providing small businesses with a platform they can use to engage with current and potential customers anywhere, and at any time. Also, because they are so personal, mobile apps are often far superior to other marketing methods when it comes to influencing users to buy a product or pay for a service.

What Types of Small Businesses are Developing Mobile Apps?

Small businesses across many industries are increasingly using mobile apps. A recent study involving custom-developed mobile apps shows that adoption is growing, especially among gyms and restaurants. Other businesses making use of apps include:


-Consultancy Firms

-Security Firms

-Politicians and Political Parties

-Plumbers and other in-home services

-And many others

Many of these businesses are even building multiple apps to increase functionality, and service multiple sectors of their customer base. The one-off investment of developing an app can help a business save in the long run. By developing mobile apps, businesses can improve efficiency, increase brand value, reach out to existing or new customers, manage personnel, and have mobile access to company data, among many other possibilities.

Final Thoughts

Current research shows that about 60% of small businesses use mobile apps, or are in the process of developing apps…often having multiple apps per business! About 20% of these companies use their apps for branding purposes. Mobile app development can benefit businesses both small and large, in countless ways. It is essential, therefore, for most small businesses to develop mobile apps to gain a competitive advantage in this ever-growing digital landscape.

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