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The blueprint of success ensures the organization's business goal with technical feasibility and scalability.

In the architect process, the Appzoro technologies will understand the client app idea and collect all the essential aspects required in app development. Also, it gives you the requirements that play a successful role in releasing apps in the market.

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The Discovery Workshop

This stage is vital, especially for architectural planning. It includes brainstorming, research, and collaboration to describe the project scope and needs. It will set the foundation for the development process and ensure successful results.

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Wireframes are the blueprint for app development and offer a digital representation of the structure and functionality. The vital architectural step enables clear communication between designers and developers, ensuring a solid foundation for the final product. It streamlines the designing process and sets the stage for successful application development.

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User Stories & Development Cost

During the architecture stage of the project, user stories play a vital role in determining development costs. The teams will predict the timeline and resources required for each task by dividing the needs into manageable chunks. It ensures that projects stay on track and within budget.

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UX / UI Design

UI/UX designs enable its complete focus on users' experience and communication with the product. When the product's functionality is finalized, the UI/UX designers implement brand components like color and typography into the wireframes. However, the primary part of the design process ensures that all products visually match the brand and offer visual directions to the users. It includes instant call to action, initiative navigation, and a constant interface.

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High-Fidelity Prototype

A high-fidelity prototype shows and functions closely with the actual product. It enables you to receive feedback from the target market before you develop User Validation Testing. It allows you to show your product to users and stakeholders as it is used in promotions and communication as the app is being developed.

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Product Deck

The demonstration shows your new app's vision to the target customers and stakeholders, its goal, and how someone can use it. It is the best approach to obtaining interest and getting it at its pre-development stage. Also, it is a handy tool to educate the sales department.

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