Judicial Innovations

Judicial Innovation (Court Innovation) is a web application which offers an Online Case Resolution platform as one of the many innovative ways the court currently provides online court services for those who are unable to attend court for any reason.

    Dreambook & Planner

    As a mobile app development company, we helped a wellness brand develop a cross-platform mobile app(Dreambook and Planner) that serves as a planner. The Dreambook helps plan short and long-term goals, and personal growth, through creative processes, mind mapping, etc.

      Jax - Rideshare Rentals

      The mission was to create a mobile app marketplace in which individuals who needed to be rideshare drivers could browse vehicles, book and pay, get insurance and registration documents and confirm their Uber or Lyft accounts.


        MEDcraze is an Online advocacy platform that allows you to search for the latest information surrounding healthcare and the medical industry at large, with topics and content generated by both clinicians and everyday people.

          GLS - Georgia Library Service
          Georgia Library Services for Blind and Print Disabled

          GLS - Georgia Library Service

          Georgia Library Service (GLS) is a free braille and talking book library service in Atlanta, Georgia for the Blind and Print Disabled.

            Atlanta Tech Village

            ATV app allows you to have our community at your fingertips. Guests can check out our 400+ events a year, apply for a job, sign up for a tour, get directions, and learn how to connect with our startup community.


              ImSafeNow aims to help women and children feel safe and secure through wearable technology and a community of ''Network of Helpers''.

                City Of Milton

                Provides a digital platform for parents to easily connect and create walking groups with designated volunteer supervisors in City of Milton for three schools in Crabapple area in order to make routes to school safer and smarter.


                  CopyThat is a database where industry professionals from all departments and crafts can network and communicate with each other faster and easier than ever before.

                    Spa Space

                    Spa Space brings a new level of support to the owners, directors, and leaders of spas and provides on demand personalized experiences for guests, members, and providers of spa services.

                      TRUCK YOUR WAY

                      Truck Your Way streamlines logistics when you, the consumer, need materials and trucks fast. Instead of spending hours calling and having worry.


                        Joseline Hernandez presents her exclusive custom emoji’s, stickers and GIFs. With over 100 images, each hand-picked by the star of VH1’s #1 reality series Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. The Joseline app works in all messaging applications. New image packs are added periodically. Start building your sticker and emoji collection today with Joseline.

                          Apex Textile Company

                          With over 12 Years of production knowledge, and over 15 years of Industry Experience, Apex Textile Company serves the Industrial & Institutional textile industry. Customer satisfaction is their #1 goal and they pride themselves with the quality of service.


                            Guardian website offers the most accurate and timely title searches in Georgia. It has been servicing real estate titles needs with the most experienced examiners in the state.


                              CigarEmo is an emoji keyboard application exclusively designed and developed for Cigar lovers. The app provides a new look and feels for your keyboard and messages. Experience a unique way of messaging with the CigarEmo App.

                                Beverage Solutions Group

                                BSG's award-winning product Beverages Solution Group is leading the way for convenience stores, casinos, and Universities.

                                  Cowork Oasis

                                  The Cowork app is designed to be an all-in-one solution for all items related to Cowork Oasis. Users can book a conference room, check out the community calendar of events, find the co-working space on the map, and get directions as well.


                                    Fitness Bank app aggregates user fitness data and sends weekly reports. This data will be used to offer customers a more desirable interest rate based upon achieving certain fitness goals.

                                      Turns Financing

                                      Turns Financing app is available on iOS & Android. It is a mobile app for loan origination systems. Turns Financing offer financing options that work for everyone.


                                        FaithAid is your turnkey solution for your faith-based organization’s app and website needs. It packages everything you need to connect your ministry to your audience.

                                          GET SOUND

                                          Get Sound pertains to the preemptive and proactive assessment of the musculoskeletal status of horses with the primary objective of identifying problems at or before their onset.


                                            Hotspawts offers various Pet services to provide necessary facilities to pet owners for US states to keep your pets safe & happy. HotSpawts has you covered with services such as Mobile Dog Grooming, Dog Walking, Dog Sitting, Boarding, Drop-In Visits, and Doggie Daycare.


                                              Balltalk is changing the fan experience for sports as we know it. Here we are bringing fans a place where they can track, read, and openly discuss all things sports.


                                                AMC-n-Me is an application being developed in partnership with Mercer University for a study with the purpose of improving medication adherence with the help of technology.


                                                  This Kwik application offers mobility solutions by connecting customers to drivers with a wide range of luxurious Cabs in Georgia state.

                                                    MONEY HUNGRY

                                                    If you are hungry for money, this app is for you! The app allows users to earn money by accumulating tickets to enter to the monthly jackpot! Play games, watch ads, accumulate tickets, earn money! That simple!

                                                      OPEN ON SUNDAY

                                                      Open On Sunday provides a quick, simple and secure way to transform users’ artistic work into a personal currency - cash when they need it.


                                                        RadioTrax is a state-of-the-art IoT application that provides a complete end to end solution for dealerships and other auto lots to keep track of each and every vehicle or other physical assets on their lot.


                                                          SharePlay creates the ultimate playlist with the help of up to 8 friends. Once everyone has access to the playlist, it’s time to party! Add tunes from your phone’s library for an interactive music-sharing experience that everyone will enjoy!


                                                            Sitter-Sanity instantly calculates exactly how much you owe your sitter. Then pay directly and securely through your favorite app: Paypal or Venmo.


                                                              Skoozi is the premier platform where fans connect with celebrities and influencers. Download the app, choose your favorite celebrity, and have an amazing experience by purchasing a personalized video message or a live one-on-one chat!

                                                                The Hotelier's Network

                                                                The hotelier's network is an online platform that connects hoteliers all around the US. Through the Hoteliers iOS mobile app anyone in the community can communicate, collaborate, buy/sell hotels and items, seek advice, and do much more.


                                                                  Fugleam is a platform for students and schools to interact with each other. Schools can post about any upcoming events publically and users can look for all upcoming events in a larger map view.


                                                                    USpace is a social network with better privacy than an email that gives regular people data protection and discrete access to the businesses they use every day without spying, data mining, ads, or algorithm filters.


                                                                      VenU2Go is your online source to find events and connect with your friends who are attending events. As well as the source to find a venue to host your very own special occasion.


                                                                        VINWiKi is a platform that invites users to create, contribute and curate vehicle history reports. Tell your car's story with photos, mileage updates, service records, and everything that makes it your own.


                                                                          Built-X is an interactive database, maintained by an unique community of industry’s experts, where users can instantly access accurate and up-to-date contact information for millions of professionals and companies of the construction industry.


                                                                            Vumi is a new social network that gives you users the power to get/generate views on any piece of content they want to share simply by watching other users content in a feed.

                                                                              Sara Hospitality

                                                                              Sara Hospitality AKA Sara Hospitality USA offers contemporary furniture solutions to the hospitality industry in the USA. Since 2014, Sara Hospitality has been the foremost manufacturer of Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) for hospitality establishments.


                                                                                Polisci is a mobile and website application platform where people can discuss political issues & topics and facilitate and accelerate the spread of meaningful content with the goal of creating thoughtful solutions therein.