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Cowork Oasis

The Cowork app is designed to be an all-in-one solution for all items related to Cowork Oasis. Users can book a conference room, check out the community calendar of events, find the co-working space on the map, and get directions as well.

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Case Study

This android app was designed for an all-in-one solution for all items related to Cowork Oasis.

By AppZoro

01 The Idea

Cowork Oasis is a co-working space in El Paso, Texas. Robert contacts us through our website AppZoro and share his idea. He wants to focus on building a tech-based entrepreneurial ecosystem that was not present in the El Paso area.

02 AppZoro's Solution

We started with the Android version because their market has more of those users. We were easily able to then shift it over to iOS. We integrate Kisi (door management system) into the app. Kisi is an important part for everybody who attends the Cowork space as everybody must have their phone to open the door. We also integrated Stripe Payments for non-members to pay directly through the app.

05 Delivery & Launch

We started working on Cowork Oasis android app in June 2017 and provide them with the final project around October 2017.

Client Review

"The fact that the team is small helps them respond quickly."

Robert Herrera Co-Founder, Cowork Oasis

We Follow Step by Step Process

  • App Development Atlanta

    Problem Breakdown, Content Strategy

  • UI/UX Design

    Use Design Concepts, Cases and Wireframes

    App Development Atlanta
  • App Development Atlanta

    Coding, Processing, Implementation

  • Testing

    Quality Checks, Approvals

    App Development Atlanta
  • App Development Atlanta

    Testing Approvals, Launch, Support

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