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Dreambook & Planner

As a mobile app development company, we helped a wellness brand develop a cross-platform mobile app(Dreambook and Planner) that serves as a planner. The Dreambook helps plan short and long-term goals, and personal growth, through creative processes, mind mapping, etc.

  • Industry

    Wellness & Fitness

  • Services

    Planning short and long-term goals, personal growth etc.

Case Study

Dreambook and Planner is your daily tool for finding success and serenity. The Dragontree is a wellness brand with brick-and-mortar stores and an e-commerce site. The planner is their number one selling product online. They were trying to make this product more appealing to a younger audience to potentially increase their recurring revenue, so they decided to launch it in an app format.

By AppZoro

01 Defining the Problems

Dragontree Apothecary, LLC wants to turn its best-selling day planner (Dreambook & Planner) into mobile apps. Dragontree team contacted to AppZoro team to build their mobile apps for the Android & iOS platforms. As a mobile app development company, our primary requirements and challenges were to address their UI and UX according to their targetted younger audience. We have to create application designs appealing as well as more accurate & actionable to potentially increase their recurring revenue.

02 Plan & Solutions

As a mobile app development company, AppZoro's team needs to create mobile applications of Dreambook & Planner which would be a digital version of their current Dream planner book and provide the user a digital experience of things covered from the book Motivational daily quotes, Calendar to add events, track habits regularly, weekly alignments, etc and many more things we picked from the book to provide users a digital experienced desired through a mobile application. As their requirement, we have to create this mobile application for both android and ios platforms. Initially, we broke the process into two steps. For the first couple of months, we worked through the app’s design. During the design step, we revised some wireframes and evaluated potential issues with the app’s usability. Once we finished the app design phase, we started the app development phase. For development, we created a web-based mock-up app to see how it would work. Then, we moved into the actual mobile app development for both iOS and Android operating systems.

03 Key Challenges

The primary key challenge was the synchronization of tasks and events with the google calendar. We have to run cron jobs to update users through notifications on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Their requirement was to data resetting on a weekly, yearly basis from specific sections of the mobile apps. Our team succeeded to complete the product keeping behind all setbacks and developed their mobile apps as per requirements on the given timelines.

04 Technology Stack

Native applications for both Android and iOS

  • Android Studio & SDK Tools
  • Xcode or Xcode IDE
Design Tools
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • XD Illustrator
  • Zeplin
Frontend Language
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • XML
Backend Language
  • Node.js
Database Language
  • MySQL

05 Delivery & Launch

In July 2021, AppZoro's & Dragontree's team discussed the project requirements and started working around them. During the app development phase, we have done weekly testings on the app to ensure its functionality. AppZoro's team deployed the Dreambook & Planner app on both Google Play Store & Apple App Store in February 2022. Currently, we are providing IT maintenance services for their apps & also adding a few new updates according to their demand. We will surely keep working with them for future updates.

Client Review


“AppZoro is very organized. Their team is very organized, proactive, and communicative."

Appzoro Client
Phil Ackley - Marketing Director, The Dragontree