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USpace is a social network with better privacy than an email that gives regular people data protection and discrete access to the businesses they use every day without spying, data mining, ads, or algorithm filters.

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Case Study

A private social network without media. Users only connect to people they know.

By AppZoro

01 The Idea

Tobin Brogunier needs a private social network without media. where users only connect to people they know. The activity tends to be in secret or private rooms and one-to-one contact. He needed help rendering this idea in code.

02 Plan & Solutions

AppZoro's developers built the database applied the APIs, and configured the frontend to the backend. We built out the apps to work with the entire platform. We created and released the apps on Google Play and then the App Store.

05 Delivery & Launch

We worked together from July 2018 to February 2019.

Client Review

“AppZoro Technologies, Inc. delivered as promised.”

Appzoro Client
Tobin Brogunier Founder and CEO-USpace