Our Client

Tom owns a towing business. He would like to manage his employees in the field. He is currently using a subscription service with a basic custom app template. He would like more control and fewer payments.


Tom calls AppZoro and schedules a consultation. At the consultation, Tom lets us see his vision and we help Tom understand the technology behind his vision.

Planning & Proposal

We take all of Tom’s ideas, requirements, previous documentation, etc. into account and develop a proposal for how we can implement a solution that covers his needs.


Once Tom approves our proposal, we schedule a final meeting to go over all the specifics. Then we get started on development.

Delivery & Launch

Once the app has been developed and tested for accuracy, we deliver all files to Tom and set up all hosting and database services. we have a finished mobile app. We also finalize the integration of third-party services, like advertising networks and payment providers.

For the next 30 days, we monitor the app for flaws and ensure its successful launch.

Our 5-Step Process

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