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How to Launch A Mobile App Successfully?




Hey everyone, We are back with the new helpful blog for you. Today you will learn how to launch a mobile app successfully. But before start, we want to raise some questions. How many times a day do you check your email on your mobile versus on your PC? How about Facebook? Do you know U.S. consumers are 17% more available on their smartphones than they are on their desktops or laptops? Yes, it is true. Mobile internet usage has surpassed that of desktops in almost every developed country like the USA or the U.K. What does this mean for you? Well, let us tell you that if you do not yet offer traders the ability to trade on mobile phones, you are putting yourself out of the game.

With over 3M apps on the Google Play store and 2.5M apps on the Apple app store, getting your app to stand out in this crowded market is no longer about simply putting it up on the store. The challenges of marketing an mobile app are continually growing. So, having a marketing plan supporting the launch of your mobile app is crucial to its success.

Let’s talk about some of the things you should consider if you want to launch your mobile app successfully.

Start with Market Research

If you want to launch a successful mobile app then you need to focus more on your Market research. It is at the core of every marketing campaign.

What should you research?

If you have finalized your idea, Let’s start with your competition. When you have white-labeled your mobile app, you have saved hundreds of thousands of dollars in development.

The downside?

You need to find ways to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

Let’s check out your competitors’ app descriptions. The names of their apps and special features they offer. Read the customer reviews.

This can give you great insight into what customers appreciate from a mobile app and what your competitors are doing right and wrong.

Define Own Unique Value Proposition

Why is your app different from others? Why people download your app instead of your competitor’s? You need to define what your app will stand for. What it will provide compared to others in the same category?

App Store Optimization and App Marketing

Optimizing your app to stand out on the app store is critical to its success. Some of the things you should optimize include the name of the app, keywords, and the description.

Create a marketing plan for your app. Share it through the blogs and press releases it even before you launch. Create a preview video to build up expectation and share it on your website and on social media channels. Join forums and interact with potential users, contact influencers etc.

As you begin to build your user base, offer incentives to share and/or like the app on social media. Adding a Like, Tweet, or Share button on your app is a good start, but users won’t take action unless they get something in return. So build offers into your marketing budget so you can provide users with something of value to encourage them to take action toward your app.

User engagement and retention

Let’s assume you either got lucky or invested a few thousand dollars in the marketing and within 3-4 months of launching your app got downloads as you had set out to have. But it is a fact that 25% of users only use an app once after downloading it. Do you know the average mobile app retention rate in 2016 was only 20%? It means a user returns to the app at least once within 30 days.

These are not very promising numbers if you are looking for active users. You have to focus your efforts on user engagement. You need to pay attention to customer support and answer reviews so you create a solid user base of returning audiences.

Track Records

If I am not wrong, tracking and measuring the results is key to the success of any marketing campaign. You have to set the track and measure for your app on a daily and monthly basis. You can track active users, weekly and monthly retention rates, average revenue per user, and lifetime value, etc.

That’s all from our side, it’s your time to do something with your app idea. Thank you for reading, if you found this article helpful you can share it.

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