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How To Develop A Complete Bug-Free App

In this article, we will be identifying some of the causes that lead to app bugs, and also what you can do to prevent said bugs from getting out of control.


Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming in the fall of 2017

Apple’s iPhone 8 is coming in the fall of 2017. Read the blog details here for more


Most Notable Differences Between iOS and Android While Creating

Android vs iOS – What are the difference in mobile app development according to the developers' point of view.


Future iPhone May Use Customized Wireless Charging System

A future version of the iPhone could use a customized wireless charging system created in partnership with Broadcom.


13 Years Ago Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone

Do you know 2007 was the year when Steve Jobs introduced Apple's iPhone to the world? Here are iPhone developments across the years.


Best Android Apps Where You Can Sell Your Things

There is a number of apps available in the play store where you can sell things, and here are the best ones according to Android Authority.


A lawsuit charging Apple with iPhone app monopoly

A lawsuit charging Apple with iPhone app monopoly.


46 Years Young The Evolution of Email

Forty-six years ago email as we know it was born. Ray Tomlinson was developing a way to send text messages between computers.

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